Sunday, 15 July 2007

ASP.NET despite its many nice features, has also a lot of nasty ones. Some of them are critical - like a design flaw in the way controls are rendered - by the controls themselves (only in version ASP.NET 2.0 Microsoft introduced the concept of Adapters, but this thing is beyond repair. There is just to much logic already in Render methods of all the existing controls to make using adapters easy). Others are just plain annoying, but we mostly we can live with them and even find workarounds.

Today I simply had enough of the style="border-width:0px;" attribute that ASP.NET adds to every img tag it renders from the Image control. There is strightforward way (that I know of) to remove this thing! Try as you might, there will always be a border-width style attribute on you images with either 0px, or whatever value you assign in you ASPX file. But there is a workaround.

To make the border style gone, we have to create our own Image control (inheriting controls is usually a good thing). In this control we have to resort to a trick of overriding the BorderWidth property by returning anything other than Unit.Empty:

public override Unit BorderWidth
    get { return Unit.Pixel(0); }
    set { ; }

This will cause the border style not to be rendered at all. Additional side effect which is obvious when looking at the above code is that now it is impossible to set BorderWidth property in any way. The value will alwyas be Unit.Pixel(0). This is also a good thing since we really shouldn't set any of the style properties inline but rather use a css style sheets for this purpose.