Wednesday, 01 November 2006

There is a refactoring feature in Visual Studio 2005 that lets you generate method stubs for methods that don't exists yet. I have described this feature in my article on how implementing MembershipProvider can help to understand the Test Driven Development (TDD) rule of writing your tests first. Basicaly the feature I'm talking about generates a stub for a method and puts "throw new Excelption("The method or operation is not implemented.")".

As powerful and helpful as this feature is, there is a problem with it! It throws an Exception and not a more proper NotImplementedException as would be expected. We can change that!

The snippet responsible for generating method stubs is located in the Visual Studio installation folder. By default it is something like: "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC#\Snippets\1033\Refactoring\MethodStub.snippet". Changing the original value of:




While searching for the solution to method stub problem I have also found that there is a "PropertyStub.snippet" file which should be used to generate property stubs. However I have been unable to find a way to invoke this snippet (it is not the same as "prop" snippet"). I have made a search on google and found some discussion on Microsoft's site that property stubs are not supported because it is hard to inferr something from their usage. Strangely enough there are tools such as Resharper that allow you to generate such stubs and why would there be a snippet file?

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