Monday, 25 September 2006

Today I have discovered that NUnit is distributed without one, thing that is VERY important - at least for me. The thing that is missing is the Xml Documentation for NUnit assemblies!

Since I needed it to work more efficiently, I have investigated the problem. It seams that neither the .zip nor the .msi file have Xml Documentation files included so I have downloaded the sources to see if there is any documentation at all in the code. Fortunatelly there is. Unfortunatelly none of the projects is set to generate the Xml Documentation file so I have changed that and compilled the solution. I ended up with a bunch of xml files that I have copied to the NUnit installation folder and since then I have a help like this:

Instead of just this:

I think that this issue has been reported to the NUnit team, but I'm not sure: here is what I have found in this matter. In the meanwhile feel free to use the files I have generated: (50.17 KB) - compiled for NUnit 2.0 2.2.8

Installation is very simple, just copy the xml files to the directory where you have NUnit assemblies installed. Typically it will be something like: c:\Program Files\NUnit-Net-2.0 2.2.8\bin\.

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