Thursday, 21 December 2006

For some time now I have been having problems with "Connect To Server" window of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio. The standard problem is that has problems remembering the password, or rather it has a habit of forgetting. The effect is that each time I run the MSSMS, there is a chance that my password will not be there even if I have checked the check box to remember it before. I'm currently running Windows 2003 Server, but I had exact the same problem on Windows XP.

Over a time I've got used to it and I no longer bother to check the "Remember Password" check box. Today however I have began to have a new suspicion.

Almost every time I try to log in to the server for the first time, I get a message that login or password was incorrect. I have always reentered my password thinking that I had made a typo. Some times it took me three times to get it right and that made me think.

Why is that window different? When I use the same password for other windows, my success/error rate is almost zero. Here I'm far from that. So I've investigated the issue.

The goal was simple: after entering a user name and password and getting a failed login attempt saying that the user name or password was incorrect, check if the message is right. Options were just to retry without changing anything or compare the entered text with what should be entered.

The first method was too easy :-). So I have decided to see what's in there. User name was a plain text so it was easy. And since it IS remembered, I have confirmed no error there. As for the password. I have used the Runtime Object Editor, to look under the hood. And guess what? Password was also correct!

Given the investigation I can say with certainty that there is a bug in the MS SMS! Such a simple function and it doesn't work!!! I have found one similar bug report. Not exactly the same but I think it is somehow connected. Imagine that. Big company, lots of money, lots of time, one small window and so many bugs!

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