Thursday, 19 October 2006

Yep! Microsoft has done it again. They never fail at bringing you pain. This time it is the final release of their new browser - the Internet Explorer 7.

Since the beginning of my adventure with IE7 I have always had problems with it. At first I have paid two visits to my bank to change my online account password because for some reason i have been unable to log in with a message that the password was incorrect - thrid try and my account had been locked out. At first I thought that it is possible that I have forgotten it. The bank changed my password so I could log in again. But guess what? The new password which I have tested on the computer in the bank did not work at home! It took me a while to figure out that it was the new IE7 (BETA 1 I think) that was causing the problem! This was fixed.

Next there came the problems with "Navigation Cancelled" or other messages that prevent me from browsing sites. Strangely enough, refreshing such a page helps. Sometimes I had to refresh twice but mostly I can handle the problems.

Then came the final release! What a glorius day. I had a release candidate installed by the time I have downloaded the finall version, but I hoped that the setup procedure would handle this situation. This hope was against my previous experiences with Microsoft products which are generally hard to upgrade from the BETAs to finall releases. And then it came. The pain.

I have run the setup file. First validation of my copy of Windows - everything ok. (BTW: I was supprised that there was no validation before downloading). Then I've got a message telling me that I have to restart my system, because of the previous version has been installed. So I did. After a SECOND validation the installation procedure told me that it is downloading some updates for Internet Explorer 7. Hmmm. Updates already after few days? Ooo Ok.

Then the sceond restart came! What the hell? Two restarts are required to install a browser? Hmmm. Even Windows requires only ONE restart if I remember correctly.

After the restart I've been welcomed with a taksbar unlike my previous taksbar. IE7 has decided that I don't need my Quick Launch and my custom toolbar with shortcuts that I'm using for my software. Hmmm. So now IE knows better.

I'm afraid what else might be missing. One thing I have noticed is that IE also messed up my favourites toolbar...


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