Friday, 18 August 2006

Today I have added a little "Add to" link at the bottom of each article. Feel free to use it :-).

Now the technical stuff. First of, for the blog engine I'm using ThinkJot. It is an ASP.NET 2.0 port of a popular dasBlog application. As any dasBlog user should know, the engine supports macros with which you can add some dynamic content to your posts. To use them you have to edit your template and use something like <%itemTitle%>. There are plenty of macros documented on the official dasBlog site and even more macros are supported that are not documented - or at least I haven't found the documentation.

So the procedure I went through while adding a link was a bit painful. First of when you google for an answer what you find is mostly far from perfect. Most sites just suggest adding a simple linkt to and provide some parameters in the url. What I have found on the site was far better.

The solution from by default uses javascript and a popup window for adding links and if javascript is not enabled it works just as a simple link.

The hard part was to integrate the solution with the dasBlog macros engine. I have found a dasBlogExtraMacros.aspx">ready made solution. I have needed something more customizable so I have not used it however. I have editted my itemTemplate.blogtemplate file by adding something like this below the item text:

<a href="" onclick="''+encodeURIComponent('<%permalinkUrl%>')+'&title='+encodeURIComponent('<%itemTitleText%>'), 'delicious','toolbar=no,width=700,height=400'); return false;"> Save This Page</a>

It is basicaly the script offered by but I have replaced the location.href with a standard permalinkUrl macro which I think is not documented. Secondly I have replaced the document.title part with itemTitleText - my own macro that returns current item's title as text. There is of course an itemTitle macro but it is an html anchor so it cannot be used (this can be changed in the config file, but since I want my article titles to be links I could not do it).

Creating the itemTitleText macro was very easy. All I had to do is add a property to an ItemMacros class as follows:

public virtual Control ItemTitleText
Control control;
string title = entry.Title;
if (requestPage.SiteConfig.ApplyContentFiltersToWeb)
control = new LiteralControl(Utils.FilterContent(entry.EntryId, title));
control = new LiteralControl(entry.Title);
return control;

That's it. I now have a link :-)

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